Alloy 601 Ferrule and Tube Insert Sleeve

Aditya Steel Engineering Co. are high quality manufacturer and Worldwide exporters of Inconel 601, Alloy 601, UNS N06601 Heat Boiler and Heat Exchanger ferrule tube insert in Thane, India.

INCONEL 601 nickel-chromium-iron alloy 601 (UNS N06601/W.Nr. 2.4851) ferrule or tube insert.

Aditya Steel Engg. Co. is high slit enthusiastic about producing high-quality alloy 601 (UNS N06601/W.Nr. 2.4851) ferrule or tube insert for industrial heat exchanger and heat boilers. Since over 20 years, we have comprehended our clients’ needs and applications and have been a trustworthy partner in the production of alloy 601 (UNS N06601/W.Nr. 2.4851) ferrule or tube insert for the authorised market. We go where our consumers go – all around the world.

Aditya Steel Engg. Co. is only single manufacturer of seamless and welded Alloy 601 tube insert ferrule, Alloy 601 tube insert seleeve, inconel 601 tube ferrule, inconel alloy 601 tube insert ferrule, UNS N06601 ferrule, UNS N06601 Tube Insert Sleeve, work No. 2.4851 tube insert ferrule or sleeve for heat boiler tubes and heat exchanger in the area of mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Types of Alloy 601 Tube ferrules.

  • Alloy 601 Seamless Tube Ferrule.
  • Alloy 601 Seamless Tube insert sleeve.
  • Alloy 601 welded Tube Ferrule.
  • Alloy 601 Seamless flared Tube Ferrule.
  • Alloy 601 Seamless collor Tube Ferrule.
  • Alloy 601 Flared and flanged ferrule.

Advantages of Inconel 601?

  • Outstanding oxidation resistance to 2200° F
  • Resists spalling even under severe thermal cycling conditions
  • Highly resistant to carburization
  • Good creep rupture strength
  • Metallurgical stability

Inconel 601 Chemical Composition, %


Inconel 601 ASTM Specifications

Pipe SmlsPipe WeldedTube SmlsTube WeldedSheet / PlateBarForgingFittingWire

Inconel 601 Mechanical Properties

Typical room temperature Properties

Tensile (psi).2% Yield (psi)Elongation (%)

We Manufacture Aloy 601 ferrules and Export to countries.

Aditya Steel Engg. co. Inconel Alloy 601 Ferrules and tube inserts ManufacturerStock, Supply and export to : India, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, United States, UAE, Canada, Angola, Argentina, Austria, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Peru, Chile, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Israel, Iran, Kuwait, Mexico,Malaysia, Nigeria, Serbia, Singapore, Taiwan, Chile , Venezuela, Ecuador, Netherlands, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Iran, Denmark, Poland, Australia, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, South Korea, kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Vietnam, South Africa, Nigeria Mexico, Turkey, Hungary, Algeria, Belarus, Belgium, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bulgaria,Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland,Greece, Italy, Japan, Libya, Romania, Thailand, Trinidad, Tobago,Tunisia, Ukraine, Yemen, Hong Kong, Gabon, China, Portugal, Switzerland, New Zealand, Sweden, Slovakia, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Mongolia.

Also manufacturer in high nickel alloy material grades like alloy 690, Heynes 160, alloy 693, alloy 602ca, stainless steel etc.

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