ADITYA STEEL is professionally engaged with Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of inconel ferrules, inconel tube insert sleeves, alloy 601/ 602ca ferrules or tube inserts for boilers and heat-exchanger heat resistance.

Manufacturer and exporters of Tube Inserts and Ferrules

Heat Exchanger Tube insert and ferrule are known as the same product: a metal, plastic or ceramic tube that is inserted into the end of a heat exchanger tube to provide a specific function. The purpose of a tube insert is to either be sacrificial to the effects of inlet-end erosion, corrosion, and impingement to induce a fluid to fall on the ID of a tube in a falling film exchanger; or to transfer extremely high heat past the tube sheet to the exchanger tubes. Each of the above applications requires a specific style of design. At ASEC, we manufacture metal tube inserts for all applications, providing the necessary drawings.

The Aditya Steel Engg. Co. is the name of the tube insert sleeves manufacturers of high-temperature material with excellent resistance to creep and oxidation up to 1,200 °C (2,192 °F) alloy 601, alloy 602ca and UNS N06025 tube inserts is called Ferrules, tube insert ferrules, AL 6XN tube insert ferrules, Duplex Stainless Steel tube insert ferrules, Hastelloy® Alloys Directory tube insert ferrules, Incoloy® Alloys tube insert ferrules, Inconel® Alloys tube insert ferrules, Invar 36 tube insert ferrules, Monel® Alloys Directory tube insert ferrules,Nickel Alloys tube insert ferrules, Stainless Steels tube insert ferrules, Titanium Alloys tube insert ferrules, flared ferrules manufacturer, ASE pipe internal insert sleeve, ASE Tube / Pipe Internal Joint Protection sleeves, ferrules with stoper and Virgin PTFE ferrules and tube insert sleeves manufacturer in Mumbai, India

Aditya steel engg. co. are professional manufacture, supplies and exporters of wide range of Alloy 601 / 602Ca Ferrule to customers across the world. We are leading as manufacturer, stockholders, exporters and suppliers of Alloy 601 / 602 / 602Ca Ferrule, delivering to the whole of the world. We are ISO 9001:2008 accredited and supplies Alloy 601 / 602 / 602Ca, CU-NI 90/10 Ferrules and Tube Inserts Ferrule to internationally approved quality standards for applications for heat exchangers and boilers.

We manufacturer of Following Grade Ferrules / Tube Insert Sleeves.

  • Alloy 601 Ferrules / Tube Inserts Sleeves.
  • Alloy 602CA Ferrules / Tube Insert Sleeves.

Erosion-Corrosion (Impingement) Attack

Around 80% of all tube failures occur within the first several inches of the heat exchanger tube inlet-end. This is known as inlet-end erosion. The use of a thin wall, metal tube insert expanded full length into the inlet-end of condensers and heat exchangers is the answer to this problem. Tube inserts should ideally be put in units at the time of production. If not, tube inserts can compensate for any existing damage and protect the intake from additional harm. The tube insert is meant to guarantee a smooth and gentle passage of fluid from the condenser or heat exchanger tube down the tube insert. The tube insert is meant to absorb the tube damage that would ordinarily occur to the tube.

Tube Inserts For Falling Film Heat Exchangers

Here is where the design engineer can be creative. There are many designs and configurations for tube inserts in this application. The purpose of the tube insert is to induce a fluid to “fall” down the ID of the heat exchanger tube. The following, Figures 4 through 6, are representations of the various types of falling film inserts that have been produced over the years. We do not have any recommendations as to the benefits of one design over another.

High Temperature Applications

Situations where extremely high temperatures (1650 F) are present on the exchanger’s tube side, care must be taken not to distort the tube sheet. This issue is addressed by the use of tube inserts. The tube insert often has an hour glass shape, which creates an air gap between the tube insert and the parent tube. The gap is covered in high-temperature ceramic paper (2300 F). The paper is taped down. Taping the entire length is recommended. There are two benefits to using full length tape:

  1.  Higher temperature ceramic paper can be compressed on to the tube inserts ( Ferrules)
  2. The tape protects the ceramic paper which cannot withstand even minor abuse.

The tube insert (Ferrule) protrudes from the tube and is filled with castable refractory. Some tube inserts include anchors that get embedded in the refractory, while others have pins with ceramic paper washers that allow the tube insert to be positioned at a precise height from the tube sheet. Heat transmission from the tube insert to the tube sheet is prevented by the ceramic washer. Figure 8 depicts a common high temperature paper design. Figure 9 depicts the placement of a high temperature tube insert into a unit.

Aditya Steel has manufactured a unique ferrule assembly for use in high temperature applications. The ferrule assembly consists of four components:

  • FERRULE (Tube Insert Sleeve)

The ferrule is a metal tube insert manufactured to fit the heat exchanger and boiler application, and it is entirely wrapped and taped with ceramic fibre paper with an appropriate temperature rating. Taping is done under pressure, causing the ceramic fibre paper to contract. A ceramic fibre washer sized for the purpose is provided. The standoff tube is normally the same alloy and size as the ferrule and heat exchanger tube. As illustrated in the accompanying drawing, the components are joined together.


There are a number of advantages to this system:

  • The ferrules can be removed, inspected, and if necessary, sent back to the factory for new ceramic fiber paper and taping, before returning to the unit.
  • Only the ferrules that are worn out need to be replaced. This can be accomplished without the removal of the refractory.
  • The design does not have any metal to metal contact from the ferrule to the tube sheet or the heat exchanger tube.

The purpose of the Tube Ferrule Inserts

1)      Protect inlet-end erosion &  corrosion
2)      Act as a protective layer
3)      Reduce the medium impact
4)      Transfer extremely high heat past the tube sheet to the exchanger tubes.

Common problems at Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers

1.       Tube-end erosion/corrosion
2.       Stress Corrosion Cracking
3.       Crevice corrosion
4.       Localized pitting
5.       Ammonia grooving
6.       Improper tube expansion
7.       Weakened tube-to-tube sheet joints

Inconel Alloy 601 Ferrule Tube Inserts

Inconel 601 nickel-chromium-iron alloy is an universal engineering material used in applications requiring heat and corrosion resistance. The resistance to high-temperature oxidation is a special feature of Inconel 601. The alloy also has strong aqueous corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, and is easily produced, machined, and welded.

Inconel Alloy 602 Ferrule Tube Inserts

A versatile engineering material for applications requiring resistance to heat and corrosion is inconel 601 nickel-chromium-iron alloy. Inconel 601’s noteworthy quality is its resistance to high-temperature oxidation. The alloy is also very mechanically strong, easily produced, machined, and weldable, and has good resistance to aqueous corrosion.

Inconel Alloy 602CA Ferrule Tube Inserts

Alloy 602CA is a high-temperature alloy that is resistant to metal dusting. Nicrofer 6025 HT, 602CA is a high-carbon, nickel-chromium-iron alloy with micro-alloying elements of titanium, zirconium, aluminum, and yttrium. With an operating temperature of up to 1150⁰C (2102⁰F), 602CA has shown exceptional resistance to oxidation at high temperatures.
ADITYA STEEL ENGG. CO. has provided 602CA in both seamless and seam welded ferrules. Seamless ferrules are available from 21.30mm (0.75”) to 50.8mm (2.00”) OD. Welded ferrules are available from 23mm OD to 50.8mm OD, with the wall thickness of 1.65mm(.065”) and 3mm (.118”).

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Our Team :

We are supported by some of the most qualified and technically sound professionals, who are well aware of different techniques required to manufacture products. Our team members hold vast industry experience, which helps them in sourcing quality raw material from reputed vendors. They are well versed in the quality testing process of these precision engineered components.

Our team comprises the following competent members:
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