Column Pipes & Steel Column Extension

Manufacturer, suppliers and exporters of Water Lube Column, Oil Lube Column, Submersible Column, Threaded Column, metal columns, metal pole posts, steel pipes, round base isolated, Metal pole pillars set in India

Column Pipes

Our column pipes are lightweight and solid. They are made with extraordinary meticulousness. They are not difficult to introduce and are properly tried by our exceptionally talented quality regulators to guarantee consumption opposition, sturdiness, and long life.

Steel Column Extension

Stainless Steel Column Extension with clamp and gasket for any still tower. This column extension can be packed with copper mesh and raschig rings to add more reflux to the still tower to get higher percentage alcohol. Can also be used with a screened gasket for a botanicals or gin basket. Extension is made with high-polish tubing with ferrules welded on both ends and includes one clamp and one gasket.

Nickel200 & 201
Monel400, R-405 & K-500
Inconel600, 601, 625 & 718
Incoloy800, 800H, 800HT, 825, 925 & DS
HastelloyB-2, B-3, C-22, C-276 & X
Duplex2205 / 31803
Super DuplexSAF 2507, Zeron 100 & Ferralium 255
Alloy 20Alloy 20 / Carpenter 20
254 SMO254 SMO
TitaniumGr.2 & Gr.5
Stainless SteelType 304L, 310S, 316L, 316Ti, 321H, 347H, etc.
Carbon SteelA-106 Gr.B, A53
Low Carbon SteelA-333 Gr3, A-333 Gr6
Alloy SteelA-335 P 9, A-335 P11, A-335 P 12, A-335 P 91

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Pipeline Repair Clamps and Sleeve

Our Fabricated Items are:

Column Pipes & Steel Column Extension, External Line Up Clamp, Fabrication and Assemblies, Full Encirclement Steel Sleeve, Hot Tapping and saddle Fittings , Internal Insert Sleeve (Pipe Sleeve), Online Pipe Repair Grip Clamps, Pipe Clamps and Pipe Repair Sleeves, Pipe External Clamps, Pipe insert Sleeves, Pipe Repair Half Sleeves, PIPE REPAIR SLEEVE, Pipeline Repair Clamps and Sleeve, Pre-Fabricated Piping Spools, Shells For Pressure Vessel & Tank, Split Clamps for Pipe Repair, TYPE A / TYPE B PIPE SLEEVE.


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