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Aditya Steel is a fabricators and Suppliers of seamless and welded steel pipes spool, Carbon steel pipe spool, Stainless Steel Pipe spool, Inconel Pipes spool, Copper Nickel Tubes spool, Hastelloy pipe spool, Duplex Steel Pipe pipe Spool, SMO 254 pipe spool, Single Flanged pipe Spool, Double Flanges pipe spools in India, Middle East, and oil and gas fluid and liquid applications. 

Steel Pipe Spool Fabrication and Manufacturer.

Pipe spools are pre-fabricated sections of a pipe system. 

Pipe spools are manufactured before pipes, flanges, and fittings are employed in the piping system.

All steel pipe grades are available in double plate flanged pipe spools and single plate flanged pipe spools.

We have a quality control office where we produce the Pipe Spool and Spool Parts according to the customer’s drawing and details as per ASTM/ASME, ANSI B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, and so on. All of our administrations are provided by experienced Piping Engineers, Skilled and Qualified Welders. We provide a large selection of welding equipment, including Pipe Rolling Machines, Pipe Bending Machines, and many others. Welding systems are a component of Pipe Spools value control procedures. Every spool is subjected to hydrostatic, spark test (wherever necessary), pneumatic, and non-damaging testing. Substance Cleaning, Hot Tapping and Insulation, Internal Rubber Lining, and Epoxy Painting administrations are provided by trained and accredited organisations. Coating and wrapping are also completed. Surface preparation via internal and external girt blasting and painting should be feasible based on the client’s specifications.

Types of Pipe Spool Fabrication Material Grades

Nickel – Pipe Spool Fabrication200 & 201 – Pipe Spool Fabrication
Monel – Pipe Spool Fabrication400, R-405 & K-500 – Pipe Spool Fabrication
Inconel – Pipe Spool Fabrication600, 601, 625 & 718 – Pipe Spool Fabrication
Incoloy – Pipe Spool Fabrication800, 800H, 800HT, 825, 925 & DS – Pipe Spool Fabrication
Costello – Pipe Spool FabricationB-2, B-3, C-22, C-276 & X – Pipe Spool Fabrication
Duplex – Pipe Spool Fabrication2205 / 31803 – Pipe Spool Fabrication
Super Duplex – Pipe Spool FabricationSAF 2507, Zeron 100 & Ferralium 255 – Pipe Spool Fabrication
Alloy 20 – Pipe Spool FabricationAlloy 20 / Carpenter 20 – Pipe Spool Fabrication
904L – Pipe Spool Fabrication904L – Pipe Spool Fabrication
254 SMO – Pipe Spool Fabrication254 SMO – Pipe Spool Fabrication
Titanium – Pipe Spool FabricationGr.2 & Gr.5 – Pipe Spool Fabrication
Stainless Steel – Pipe Spool FabricationType 304L, 310S, 316L, 316Ti, 321H, 347H, etc. – Pipe Spool Fabrication
Carbon Steel – Pipe Spool FabricationA-106 Gr.B, A53 – Pipe Spool Fabrication
Low Carbon Steel – Pipe Spool FabricationA-333 Gr3, A-333 Gr6 – Pipe Spool Fabrication
Alloy Steel – Pipe Spool FabricationA-335 P 9, A-335 P11, A-335 P 12, A-335 P 91 – Pipe Spool Fabrication

They corrode readily because to the factors they are exposed to, which include water and natural electrolytes. While using pipe spool systems, acceptable precautionary monitoring must be performed. Pipe spool manufacturing is critical because ship building and other maritime sectors need extensive plumbing. Pipe spools provide significant benefits by reducing on-site space constraints. With this advantage, all pipeline-using sectors have a huge chance to boost pipeline system efficiency while reducing manpower and time requirements.

Pipe spool systems are commonly utilized in power plants and petroleum refineries where extensive pipework is required. These systems comprise fluid and gas carriage and transportation, and these transportation systems require several connecting pieces. There is no room for error in these systems. Pipeline assembly and manufacturing must be done appropriately. This piping application is divided into two sections;

  1. Pipe Spool Production at Our Facility

2. Site Installation at your site

Pipe spools are made by combining raw pipes and pipe fittings. The raw pipes are trimmed to predetermined diameters that are compatible with pipe fittings and other components.

There are two main parts of pipe spooling process:

1.Roll correction and welding

2. Durable position fitting and welding

Pipe Spools Pre-Fabrication.

The main pipe is fitted using a rolling machine, and the welder need not alter his position during this procedure. Roll correction and welding also take place when many branches of a long pipe cross the clearance threshold. Pipe spool pre-fabrication is used to speed up the piping system construction process and increase efficiency. Because the welder will have to go across the main pipe to complete the fitting or welding if the system did not generate a preliminary, the welding of the system will take considerably longer.

Why pipe spools are pre-fabricated?

Pipe spools are pre-fabricated to save the cost of field installation and increase product quality. To link them to other spools, they are typically flanged. Spool fabrication is often carried out by specialised businesses with the necessary infrastructure. To ensure correct fit at the site and to retain the essential technical qualities required by the customer, these specialised fabricators create the system in accordance with the predetermined set of quality and accuracy.

Mainly used pipeline systems are generally;

Steel pipes

Steel pipes are the most practical pipelines for the supply of combustible gases and water. They transport propane or natural gas fuel in a lot of residences and companies. Because of their excellent heat resistance, they are frequently utilised in fire sprinkler systems. One of the biggest benefits of the pipeline systems is the steel’s longevity. It is sturdy and resilient enough to handle high pressures, extreme temperatures, harsh shocks, and vibrations. Also, due to its exceptional flexibility, extensions are made simple.

Copper pipes

Most hot and cold water is transported by copper pipes. Copper pipes primarily come in two varieties: flexible copper and stiff copper. Solder, compression, or flare connections can be used to link copper pipes. While being pricey, it offers excellent corrosion resistance.

Aluminum pipes

It is utilised because of its inexpensive cost, corrosion resistance, and ductility. Since they don’t ignite, they are preferable to steel for transporting flammable chemicals. The flaring of compression fittings allows for the connection of aluminium pipes.

Glass pipes

For specific uses like the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, handling caustic liquids, or disposing of medical or laboratory waste, tempered glass pipes are employed. O-ring fittings or a specific gasket are typically used to make connections.


  • The quality of the work is simpler to manage and sustain in regulated situations.
  • Due to their great precision, specified tolerances prevent rework at the production site.
  • Fabrication avoids production delays since it is not reliant on the weather.
  • The pre-fabrication method has the greatest benefit since it requires less labour to fabricate spools on site.
  • Compared to on-site fabrication, mass production manufacturing has cheaper manufacturing costs.
  • Pre-fabricated spools need less time to construct and assemble, saving time and money in the process.
  • The consumers of pre-fabricated spools must make minimal expenditures in manufacturing and testing machinery. Radiography,
  • PMI, MPI, Ultrasonic testing, Hydro tests, etc. may all be employed for better and more effective performances.
  • Obtaining a lower likelihood of rework at the location


Although making pipe spools has several advantages, the biggest drawback is that they don’t fit on the job site. The consequences of this issue are devastating. A little error during the pre-production of pipe spools results in a system that does not fit in the working environment and poses a serious challenge. Pressure testing and x-rays of the welds must be evaluated again when this issue arises, and new welding should be required.

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