Hydraulic Cylinder Honed Tube

Manufacturer and Exporters of Hydraulic Cylinder and pneumatic Honed Tube.

Aditya Steel Engineering co. are professionals of manufacturer and Exporters of Hydraulic Cylinder Honed Tube JIS STKM 13C/ ASTM A106 Honed Tube / SAE 1020 Honed Tube / DIN ST 52 Honed Tube Seamelss and Welded Honing Cylinder Tubes manufacturer in India

Honed Tube for Hydraulic Cylinder.

The world wide globally suppliers of Honed tubes in the special steel grades ST52 Honed Tubes, EN 10305-1 Honed Tubes, DIN 2391 Honed Tubes, ST52 Hydraulic Honed Tubes, DIN 2391 ST.52 (BK+S) Tolerance H8 / EN 10305-1 E355+SR Tolerance H8, DIN 2391 ST.52 (BK+S) EN 10305-1 E355+SR with the tpes of Honed Tubes, Burnished Tubes Honing Tubes, Pre-Honed Tubes, Seamless Honed Tubes, CDS Tubes Hone Tubes, ST52 Honed Tube, cylinder Honed Tubes ST52 Honed Tube RTH Honed Tubes, Hydraulic Honed Tubes, CDS Tubes, Honed Cylinder Tubes, Standard Honed Tubes, Honed Cylinder tubes, Honing Tubes, Customized Honed Tubes, Honing TubesRTH Tubes.

Honed Tube is suitable for manufacturing a variety of hydraulic cylinders, where tight tolerances and smooth surface finishing is critical. The inside surface of Honed Tube is finished to the finest tolerance.

Aditya Steel is one of the largest honed tube suppliers in South Africa. We manufacture and export cold-drawn seamless hydraulic steel tubes sourced from the best suppliers locally and internationally.

Our tubing is available in honed or Roller burnished variations, in popular metric and imperial sizes from 2 to 8 inches and 40 to 270 mm. If you cannot find a standard size to suit your needs, we’ll manufacture a custom tube to suit your needs.

St52 BK+S (E355 SR)
EN E355, Werkstoff 1.0580, DIN St52, B.S. CFS5, UNI Fe510, JIS STKM19A, GOST St6sp, AISI / SAE / ASTM 1524 / 1024.

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Our Manufacturing Specifications :
  • We have developed tooling from Id 14 to 25 mm upto 1000 mm and from 30 mm to 450 mm up to 4.5 metres long
  • We can produce honed tubes from Solid rounds / square as well as from Seamless tube of material ASTM 106 / St52 series as required
  • Mild steal / Alloy steel En series like En9 , En19 , En24 , forged steel / Stainless steel : SS302 ; SS304 ;SS316 ; SS316L /Food grade steel Aluminium He30 6062 ; 6061/ Casting
  • Labour charges Honing facility also available
  • Our General Tolerances 0.01 – 0.03 mm or as required
  • We have stock tubes from wall thickness from 4 mm to 50 mm or as per specifications
  • Inner diameter ID hard chrome plating facility also available
  • Deep hole drilling facility available
  • Re honing / reconditioning of heavy duty/long hydraulic cylinder tube/barrel

Hydraulic Honed Tubes Material Grade Standards

Our MaterialMaterial No.Similar International GradeSuitable for…
JIS G3445 STKM13C ASTM MT1020 / BS ERWC3 / DIN ST45 / NF TU37b / ISO TS4Carbon steel tubes for machine structural purpose
DIN 2391 ST521.0580
JIS STKM19A / ASTM 1524 / EN E355 / ISO TS18Mechanical and automotive engineering
ST52 BK+S1.0580 Low deformability without heat treatment after cold forming process and stress-relief annealing
DIN 2393 ST52.31.0570ISO Gr.1Construction of chemical plant, pipe work and mechanical engineering use
ASTM A1061.0405JIS STPT410 / BS HFS410 / DIN ST45.8 / NF TU42cSeamless carbon steel pipe for high temperature service
Suitable for bending, flanging, welding and similar forming operations

Honing Cylinder Honed Tubes Quality Standards

Pre Honed Tube & hydraulic cylinder rods exporter in India
  •  DIN 2391 Seamless Precison Steel Tubes
  •  EN10305 Steel Tubes for Precision Applications Seamless Cold Drawn Tubes
  •  ASTM A519 Standard Specification for Seamless Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubing
  •  JIS G3445 Carbon Steel Tubes for Machine Structural Purposes

Pre Honed Tube Steel Grades

ST52 ST45 E355 1020 1026

Stock Honed Tube Product Processing

Raw materials- Cold drawn/rolled- Heat treatment (BKS)- Honed – packing.

Processing WayCylinder Barrel ID (mm)Max Length (mtr)Straightness (mm/mtr)ID ToleranceWall Thickness Tolerance (mm)ID Roughness (μm)
Cold Drawn40-320120.2-0.5H8-H10±5%0.8-1.6
Cold Rolled12-100120.2-0.5H8-H10±5%0.8-1.2
Cold Drawn+Honed40-50080.2-0.3H7-H9±5%0.2-0.8
Cold Drawn-SRB40-40070.2-0.3H8-H9± 5%0.2-0.4
Deepth Drilling-Honed320-110080.2-0.3H7-H9±8%0.2-0.8
Deepth Drilling-SRB320-60070.2-0.3H8-H9±8%0.2-0.4

Honed Seamless Tubes Tolerance Of Inside Diameter

Bright Finish Ready to Honed Tube for Offshore Service

Inside dia – specified
– 0

Bright Finish Seamless Honed Tubes Composition Chart

St 45 (DIN1.0408)0.21 max0.35 max0.40 min0.025 max0.025 max//
St 52 (DIN1.0580)0.22 max0.55 max1.60 max0.025 max0.025 max//
E3550.22 max0.55 max1.60 max0.025 max0.025 max//
10200.18-0.25/0.30-0.600.040 max0.050 max//
10260.22-0.28/0.60-0.900.040 max0.050 max//
Si(Max)Mn (Max)C Max)P (Max.)S (Max)

Mechanical Properties of hydraulic cylinder honed tube

GradesDelivery ConditionsTensile Strength Rm (Mpa)Elongation in the longitudinal direction Al (%)
St 45+A (GBK)390 min21 min
St 52+A (GBK)490 min22 min
E355+A (GBK)450 min22 min
1020+A (GBK)390 min21 min
Tensile strength
Yield Point
% Min
580 N/mm2420 N/mm210

Hydraulic Honed Tubes Excentricity

Outer DiameterExcentricity
125 mm5 %
> 125 mm7 %
Application suitable as per our manufacturing specifications of Honing :
  • Tail stock
  • Square or rectangular Blocks
  • Hydraulic Cylinder barrels
  • Pneumatic cylinders barrels
  • Actuators tubes
  • Precision sizing of ID
  • Cylindrical Moulds of PU , Rubber , Plastics components etc
  • Smooth and Mirror ID finish
  • Screw barrel
  • CNC cylinders
  • Circular casting extraction from Die
  • Low friction
  • Breaker block


  •   ASIA – Thailand, Singapore, Sri lanka, Bangladesh
  •   Middle East – Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan
  •   Europe – United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, France, Croatia, Spain
  •   South America – Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay
  •   Africa – Ghana, South Africa

Countries we have exported our products to:

Greece, Turkey, Namibia, Peru, Israel, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, Chile, Belarus, Romania, Italy, Angola, Japan, Indonesia, Ecuador, South Africa, Ireland, Denmark, Mexico, Gabon, Serbia, Bulgaria, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Croatia, New Zealand, Lithuania, Afghanistan, China, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Algeria, Singapore, Brazil, Poland, Costa Rica, Portugal, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Ghana, Qatar, Austria, Lebanon, Mongolia, Mexico, Ukraine, Colombia, Bahrain, Iraq, Nepal, Switzerland, Poland, Bhutan, Hong Kong, India, Belgium, Gambia, Norway, Australia, Finland, Philippines, Oman, Germany, Malaysia, Morocco, Thailand, France, Macau, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Pakistan, Bolivia, Spain, Egypt, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, Jordan, Tibet, Sweden, United States, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Chile.

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